Work in Switzerland

Work in Switzerland

Switzerland has a great standard of living and finding a good job in this country is not that hard. It all comes down to knowing what you expect and what type of job you want to have in the first place. The swiss job market has a really low unemployment rate, so the chances of finding a job in the country are really high. That being said, the salaries in Switzerland are some of the highest ones in the world, you get stellar social security benefits and the quality of life is great. On the other hand the labor market is small. That’s why you really need to be at the top of your game if you want to have a job in Switzerland.

What type of jobs should you opt for in Switzerland?

That depends on the situation, but you will notice that the high skill workforce has a focus on just about all the industries that are available. You will find great experts in IT, insurance, banking, pharma, business analysts and so on. There are lots of companies looking for such professionals, but then again there’s also a lot of competition that wants all those benefits listed above.

Another thing to notice here is the management culture.
Switzerland based companies expect responsibility, tolerance, sobriety and punctuality, and they will require you to work really hard to achieve all those goals that you have in mind.
Which will be very hard to achieve right from the start, but the payoff is definitely there once you have the opportunity to reach a job in there.
When you negotiate for a job in Switzerland you will notice managers to be fair but also very professional and they will work really hard to achieve the best results.

What languages should you know? What qualifications are required?

When it comes to languages, it depends on what part of Switzerland you want to work in.
But the regular languages required include German, French, Italian and English.
However, if you know any other language aside from these, that might actually be an advantage.
Some companies in Switzerland work with Russian businesses, Chinese businesses and so on.
Which means the more you know, the better it will be.

In regards to qualifications, you do want to have a level certificate or any certificate that’s accepted internationally.
You need to be at the top of your game when you want to work in Switzerland, because it’s easy for them to say no and just move on.

Finding a job can be tough, bu we will help you get the job you want.
Most of these jobs are full time, but you can also find part time jobs too, which is very exciting and interesting at the same time.
Just remember that you need to have all the necessary qualifications and constantly improve your skills if you want a job in Switzerland, as that will help you a lot!