Living in Switzerland

Living in Switzerland

Switzerland sounds like a great place to live in. The location is great, you have the Alps there too and there are some amazing places to explore and see. Then you have to wonder, what kind of stuff can you check out in Switzerland and is it a good idea to actually live in a country like this?


The rail network in Switzerland is very complex but the downside is that it’s not cheap. They have the rail network under the state control and they actually do a very good job with transporting around 1.2 million people every day. Despite that, the views of the Alps are always stunning and the reality is that you do have a pretty fast arrival time too. So the results can be stunning. But if you want to drive on the motorways you have to buy a vignette, a small sticker that shows you paid for driving on those motorways. You can even buy a vignette online or locally.


Switzerland’s healthcare system is very impressive. They don’t have a tax based healthcare system like other countries do. Instead, you will need to work with either the private or public health insurance provider. A thing to note is that public health insurance providers can’t refuse applicants even if they have any type of health issues. Once you get accepted, you will notice that their healthcare standards are very high. The sheer idea that you have a high life expectancy if you live in Switzerland is a clear representation of the great healthcare system in the country.


Most children in Switzerland will go to the public schools. They have a school system similar to other countries., Kids go to the kindergarten early on and then after six years of primary education they go to Stage 1 of secondary education. Then after 3 years they will enter Stage 2 which also lasts around 3 years. However there are around 40+ multilingual or bilingual international schools too. The admission will depend on school, but you will notice that some of them require an admission fee and even some health checks. Like many other systems in Switzerland, the educational system also cares about very high standards, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Should you live in Switzerland?

As you can see above, everything in Switzerland is very well managed and it’s designed to bring in a great way for locals to live and enjoy life. If you want to relocate to a new country, Switzerland is definitely one of the better options that you can think about. It really is something unique and different, and you should totally check it out and give it a try.

The thing to consider in Switzerland is that the cost of living can be higher when compared to other countries. That’s understandable, if you consider all the benefits that you can acquire here. So it’s safe to say that Switzerland is one of those countries where it’s a pleasure to live and the benefits are definitely up to par with the expectations!